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Against the time

As feared, the pandemic is here to stay. Nobody knows when it will go; if the vaccine arrives before or after the medication … But this year is certainly not. In Macau, Lisbon, São Paulo or Beijing, the economy retracts and languishes… it even loses the energy of the conversion.

Some resist, bet on resilience and “return to normality”; others change, accelerate the search for new directions, surrendered to the “time of war”. There is no certainty on the horizon, the real dimension of the crisis, or the level from which the recovery will take place.

There are several governments that empty the coffers and inject short-term financial mass. They intend to secure employment and promote consumption. They cannot accelerate the future. It is necessary to start again, from another focal point. Time runs against the economy and it is necessary to react, with strength, conviction and focus. In the short and medium term.

*General Director of Plataforma

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