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The world is too somber?

The second half of 2020 has begun. The pandemic of Covid-19 keeps continues. Natural disasters, human disasters and conflicts are everywhere. Bad news appear everywhere.

In Macau, the Sin Fong Garden owners was cheated by Associação de Conterrâneos de Kong Mun. They once publicly promised and signed a donation of 100 million pataca to help rebuild the ” Sin Fong Garden”. Now, the owners can only hope someone will help them. Besides, the unemployment rate rose to the 9-year high, companies are waiting and hope to reopen the border while the workers are afraid of losing their jobs.

In Hong Kong, the social movement that has been disturbing for more than a year. It doesn’t seem to stop after the Hong Kong national security law is in force. Also, the outbreak of new round of local cases of Covid-19 appear, the situation has turned bad. People cannot remove the mask in the summer.

In mainland, the flooding situation is getting worse. The situation in the Yangtze River is severe. In the first half of the year, nearly 50 million people were affected by natural disasters, an increase of 41.5%. This year’s floods have caused 121 deaths or disappearances. The flood also affected Kyushu, Japan, killing more than 20 people and requiring evacuation of 510,000 people.

The news is always somber. Indeed, it is “no news is good news.” Things in the world are always contradictory. In recent days, looking up at the sky will always see the blue sky and white clouds. There is an unexplainable joy in the mood. It seems that the day of blue sky this year has increased more than before. But back to reality, we have to face various challenges.

*Journalist and chinese editor at PLATAFORMA

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