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Global warming may bring even more risks to fish

High temperatures have an impact on embryos and adults during the spawning phase, the most important phases for the populations of these animals

The risks that an increasingly hot planet will be able to bring to fish in the oceans and rivers are much greater than previously imagined, say German researchers. Higher temperatures tend to hit embryos and adults in the spawning stage, precisely the most important stages of the life cycle for the populations of these animals.

Such risks are, of course, proportional to the increase in global temperature that occurs until the end of the century. In the worst case scenario – an average warming of 5 degrees Celsius or higher in 2100 – 60% of fish species would no longer have viable habitats for their embryos and spawning adults. At best (with warming up to 2 degrees Celsius), that number drops to 10% of species, yet twice as much as expected so far.

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