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Inform on time and accurately

Ryukyu Islands, Japan, Kermadec Islands, Honshu, Japan and Oaxaca, Mexico. How do these locations relate to Macau? Apparently little or nonexistent.

But the local population was informed that on June 13, 1,655 kilometers east-northeast of Macau, the Ryukyu coast was shaken by an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude.

Five days later, at 18, an intensity shock of 7.4 hit the Kermadec Islands, located 9,530 kilometers southeast of the City of Santo Nome de Deus.

A few days later, because the bowels of the planet do not stop moving, more precisely at 23:29:05, local time, on the 23rd, an earthquake of intensity 7.4 violently shook the region of Oaxaca, Mexico, located 14,690 kilometers from the territory.

Lastly, on the 25th, it was the turn of the east coast of Honshu, Japan, located 3,048 kilometers northeast of Macau to experience a shock with an intensity of 6.3.

One of the most noble exercises of managing the public good, of governing, is to do it transparently

Here, then, is the answer to the initial question. Reporting is easy. But here, so close and too often, a simple request for information seems to shake local public services to such an extent that they close or move forward with lame excuses, denying clarification or waving a handful of nothing.

Therefore, this modest record serves to suggest (ask) public services in the Macao Special Administrative Region to learn and follow the example of the Meteorological and Geophysical Services Directorate. Inform in time and accurately.

Provide information of public interest, whenever a citizen (or any institution) in a simple exercise of freedom requests clarification from official entities.

Put aside formalisms and bureaucracies that often resemble the game of cat and mouse that leave a trail of suspicion. One of the most noble exercises of managing the public good, of governing, is to do it transparently. This has been said and redeemed here by those who exercise power. But it is necessary to go beyond words and take this small big step. And not wanting to make this exercise of transparency a film without subtitles and blurred images.

*Executive Editor of Plataforma

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