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1st of July

23 years ago, no one in Hong Kong would have forgotten that day.

On the day before the handover, Hong Kong media reported on the front page that “Hong Kong youth are worried about corruption and public order in the SAR government, and they are afraid of losing their human rights and freedoms – 40% of university students do not want Hong Kong to return to China.”

23 years later, Hong Kong people will never forget today.

Yesterday, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the draft of the national security law by 162 votes in the morning.

At 11 pm, the Hong Kong government published a gazette, announcing that the national security law of the Hong Kong SAR will come into force at 0:00 on July 1.

A number of youth political organizations active in the social movement have been suspended or dissolved, including Hong Kong pro-democracy group Demosisto. Nathan Law, one of a core member said: “Under the national security law, Hong Kong people will be convicted of crimes by words and thoughts, and people panicked.”

As stipulated in the national security law, state organs and personnel for safeguarding national security are not subject to the jurisdiction and supervision of Hong Kong.

Any person (a person who does not have the status of a permanent resident of the Hong Kong SAR) commits an act outside Hong Kong, as long as it is found to have violated the national security law of the Hong Kong SAR, it is also illegal.

House thieves are hard to guard against. They work hard all night and catch thieves to eat their meat.


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