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Pedro Lima’s cousin says TVI wanted to dismiss the actor

Journalist Paulo Dentinho, Pedro Lima’s cousin, said this Sunday that TVI wanted to fire the actor. The body of the actor and Olympic swimmer for Angola was found on Saturday at Praia do Abano, Cascais

As soon as he received the news that his cousin had lost his life, Paulo Dentinho took a day to reflect. For this reason, it has only just spoken out about Pedro Lima.

“And then I ask you how many times have you called them in the past few days without anyone answering? You know, then they write wonderful things about you being one of the most versatile actors of your generation. And they talk about regret and another series of plastic words. Like an add. It is the country, and the country has changed little since Eça, Pedro, that remains, small, provincial and full of infamous people ”

Paulo Dentinho, Facebook

In the Facebook profile, the interpreter’s cousin started by remembering his childhood. “You were the canine kid since you arrived at your grandparents’ house. I still remember being around you and keeping you company to fall asleep in peace. You had so few months… Maybe our friendship was so great – no, it wasn’t friendship, it was love – it started during those days ”, he recalled.

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