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Massacres in Cabo Delgado for “security contracts” in gas

Adriano Nuvunga explains the massacres in Cabo Delgado. There is everything: “military corruption”, “ethnic conflicts”; poverty, which throws young people into the arms of the “Koran” … But the “rubbish” is another: the “internal struggle”, between “the big bosses” with political and economic interests – and military domination – in “access to security contracts with the natural gas multinationals ”.

These “interests”, recognizes the director of the Center for Democracy and Development, an NGO – headquartered in Maputo – in Cabo Delgado “exploits several networks of overlapping problems”. There is an ethnic dimension, with part of the population seeing Macondes – Tanzania – as privileged by the State, given their role in the struggle for independence; but also the dispute over natural resources, which attract interests from various origins, inside and outside Africa… And there is even the threat of the Islamic State, which “may be the framework used, and even recrudescent to a state franchising situation. Islamic”. But “that doesn’t explain the conflict,” concludes Nuvunga.

The Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi, surprised the world by assuming interests linked to “internal elites” in the armed struggle in Cabo Delgado, a province rich in minerals and, above all, in natural gas. Adriano Nuvumga, director of the Center for Democracy and Development, an NGO based in Maputo, goes straight to the point: “The interests of great leaders, in a context where the Army saw many things of corruption”, being “alienated”, or interested “ access ”to these benefits.

In this context, Nuvumga maintains, “the big mistake” was not having the Army professionalized, improving its conditions as an “elite troop”, giving its leadership “access to business”. A professor of political science, the human and political rights activist who has denounced the massacres in Cabo Delgado, he maintains that the hired private security millionaires, the “American”, will be the real reason for the spread of terror in Cabo Delgado.

Adriano Nuvunga says that the organization he runs has a network of “about 3,000 people” who pass on information about “what is happening in Cabo Delgado”.

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