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Cabo Delgado: “Guterres is doing almost nothing”

The UN secretary-general, António Guterres, but “also Portugal”, have the “responsibility” to do more to end the massacres in Cabo Delgado. Adriano Nuvunga, professor of political science and human and political rights activist, one of the first to denounce the 1,100 dead and 200,000 displaced people in the Mozambican province, hopes that international aid will arrive, “soon” from African powers.

Director of the Center for Democracy and Development – UN based in Maputo – Nunjunga says that half the population is on the run, terrified by armed groups, with their faces covered: “They spend their nights hidden in the bush”. The military structure, permeable to “corruption”, he laments, “departs from the republican mission” of guaranteeing “the security of the populations” and “national sovereignty”. That is why it considers urgent international military aid.

In this context, he regrets that António Guterres, “as secretary-general of the United Nations – and Portuguese” – has not acted more decisively. Even to promote “greater involvement of Brazil and Portugal”, which also accuses them of turning their back on humanitarian drama. Guterres “is doing very little”.

Adriano Nuvunga accuses the Mozambican Army of being held hostage to “great interests”, which is why it is unable to contain the armed groups that terrorize the populations. “They burn houses, they kill people and they cut heads”, in the impressive description of the Bishop of Pemba, D. Luíz Fernando Lisboa, in a recent interview with PLATAFORMA.

Adriano Nuvunga praises the political conscience of SEDC – Economic and Social Council of the African Union, structure, however, without military means. That is why he expects it to arrive, “soon”, sent by African powers: “South Africa, Zimbabwe and even Angola”, he believes, are more willing to help: “They are the ones with the means” and “they know that instability in Cabo Delgado it is the region’s instability ”, even due to the threat of the Islamic State. “If we believe,” he says.

Adriano Nuvunga, in another text published today on PLATAFORMA, explains the real reason that, in his opinion, is behind the permanent attacks in Cabo Delgado: the “internal struggle” of power for access to security contracts with natural gas multinationals”.

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