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Hospital discharge for the last patient admitted with COVID-19 in Macau

The Director of Health Services, Dr. Lei Chin Ion, announced on Tuesday, May 19, at the press conference of the New Coronavirus Contingency Coordination Center that the last patient hospitalized in Macau with COVID-19 was discharged. It has been 66 days since he was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus, the 11th patient, on March 15th, when the second phase of the epidemic began.

With the collaboration of the MSAR Government, the whole of society, all health professionals in the front line, the 35 patients confirmed in this 2nd phase of the epidemic recovered and all were discharged. There are no new cases diagnosed in Macau. Despite the existence of serious and critical cases among the 35 patients in this phase, with the effort of health professionals, the record was successfully maintained, with a record of zero fatalities and zero cases of infection among health professionals, at least that the Director of Health Services thanked the dedication of all health professionals and the different social sectors for the support provided.

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