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Public health conference brings together doctors from Macau, Angola and Portugal

The exchange of experiences between doctors from different latitudes – Macau, Angola and Portugal – on the global health crisis caused by the pandemic will be highlighted in a webinar co-organized by the Rui Cunha Foundation and the newspaper Plataforma, scheduled for next Wednesday, day May 13, at 5 pm (Macau) – 10 am (Lisbon and Luanda).

The conference was attended by Mónica Pon, internist doctor, from Macau, Luís Bernardino, pediatrician, from Angola, and Mário Freitas, public health, from Portugal, in a debate moderated by the director general of PLATAFORMA, Paulo Rego.

The meeting is part of the conference cycle Digital Conversations, by the Rui Cunha Foundation.

Replicating successful examples is, in practice, what we all want most, at a time when much is said about alternating periods of confinement and opening up to 2022.

With the gradual lifting of this long period of forced confinement, the world is emerging into a new reality, supported by the empirical experience of everyday life for all of us, without neglecting the maintenance of public health and the survival of the respective national health services, at the same time that humanity is rooting in unison for the discovery of the much sought after vaccine.

Timidly, each country is drawing up its own deconfination plans, in order to minimize health damage and relaunch the economy.

Social distancing, mass use of masks, in many places on a mandatory basis, mass diagnostic tests, quarantine for positive cases and monitoring of those who have been in contact with the infected are just some of the measures adopted a little everywhere.

Let’s get suspicious. Public Health – Private Options is, therefore, the subject of this digital conversation.

The Webinar takes place on the Zoom platform, requiring prior registration at the link

This valence is available for 500 registrations, measured in order of registration.

The conference will take place in Portuguese with two audio channels available in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Welcome to this virtual space of the Rui Cunha Foundation and Jornal Plataforma.

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