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Luanda already has an Electronic Center for Public Security

The National Police Electronic Center for Public Security (CESP), an organic unit dependent on the Luanda Provincial Command of the National Police, to assist police forces in policing in the capital city, was inaugurated today.

Located in Capolo l, Kilamba Kiaxi, CESP’s primary objective is to attend and disseminate, on a permanent basis, police events, in coordination with forces on the ground.

CESP will reinforce the management of public security in the peripheral areas of the city of Luanda, since the installed video surveillance system will inhibit and, in other cases, identify and locate the offenders who still persist in criminal practices and other offenses.

CESP is interconnected with the Integrated Public Security Center (CISP), through the fiber optic network, in order to cross-check data and respond to requests for police intervention, via the emergency terminal 111.

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