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On the way to the Platform

Agnes Lam Iok Fong
The Government has developed cooperation, as a platform with Hengqin, taking advantage of Macau as an international city, helping to develop relations between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PLP). The Government Lines of Action Report advocates that companies from the continent set up in Macau to open up to the international market. This will also be positive for the role as a platform, helping these companies to expand to the international market, including PLP, and for PLP companies to enter the mainland China market.

Ella Lei Cheng
The Government Lines of Action Report talks about cooperation between mainland China and PLPs in the maritime economy and points to Hengqin as the platform for this collaboration. There is also talk of creating a China-PLP training center and developing bilingual human resources to encourage local residents to take advantage of these opportunities. The Government must take advantage of Macau’s advantages in creating this platform, namely by providing business legal services and bilingual human resources to better serve commercial cooperation between China and the PLPs.

Pang Chuan
Within the scope of the China-PLP Platform, the Chief Executive stressed the development of Macao’s economic diversification. Hengqin will be able to offer the territory a great help on this path. One of Macau’s strong points is its relationship with PLP, so in the future, even with the impact of the pandemic on international relations, I believe that this platform will continue to represent an advantage for the city. He has also repeatedly mentioned “One Center, One Platform and One Base”, stressing that the role of this platform will continue to be highlighted in future development. Regarding the cooperation between Macau and Hengqin, this is not just an aid, but a development of the advantages of each of the regions, to which it adds historical ties with Portuguese-speaking countries. Social, economic and language in common represent this.

Ma Chi Seng
The Report talks about the Platform between China and the PLPs and the strengthening of Macau’s cooperation with Hengqin, including the Sino-Lusophone component.

Nelson Lam Lon Wai
With the Service Platform for Trade Cooperation between China and the PLPs completed, Macau has assumed a very important role in all “China-PLP Forums”. In the long run, most PLP will be developing countries with great production potential. In the current context of the new coronavirus outbreak, Macau may, in cooperation with Guangdong, bet on the Chinese medicine industrial park, using this platform to share knowledge and develop new technologies, so that in the post-virus the city can speed up exchanges between two regions. Hengqin will be able to supply Macau with the hardware, and bring together Chinese and PLP talent in the region.

Si Ka Lon
The Chief Executive mentions specific ways to develop the China-PLP platform, such as through the leisure sports industry. In the past, the role of this platform at an economic level has not been very evident, but the culture and sport industry are a good starting point. Reinforcing the advantages of Macau, the space for further development of the Platform with the help of Hengqin will be further expanded.

Sulu Sou Ka Hou
I find it a little strange that the platform is still in the initial construction phase and some of its main infrastructures have already been completed. Although Hengqin is close to Macau, it is not part of the territory. In other words, the Government needs to clarify whether Macao will serve as a platform or Hengqin. For, if the central government decides to change the direction of this development, Macau can only passively participate in that cooperation.

José Pereira Coutinho
I understand that the role reserved to Macau as a platform – in the relationship between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (PLP), as well as in all other issues, both local and global, will be extremely affected by the pandemic and the global health crisis. We will have to put up with it, but I foresee that better days are coming and public health issues are over, that does not mean that Macau, as a Center (world of tourism and leisure), Base (of cultural exchange, with predominance of Chinese culture) and Platform (of services between China and the PLPs), has viability. Macau, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China have different systems and laws. That is why it is not easy to coordinate and implement such economic development in the Greater Bay and under the PLP. This issue has never been resolved in the past 20 years and I don’t believe it will be resolved in the next few years. This issue has never been resolved in the past 20 years and I don’t believe it will be resolved in the next few years.

Ho Ion Sang
In the future there will be further promotion of the use of the platform to highlight all of Macau’s strengths within the Greater Bay Area, including the creation of a cross-border RMB settlement center and the use of Macau for closer cooperation with speaking countries. Portuguese culture, commerce and tourism. Hengqin will be able to offer Macau the opportunity to have more diversified economic development.

Chui Sai Peng
The Head of Government made it clear that the pandemic will have an impact on multiple areas, but there will come a day when the situation will be under control, which is why we are talking about the development of this platform in the long term. There is a solid cultural base in Macau, but space is limited, making you need Hengqin for a number of projects. The report points out that agreements have been signed for other areas of cooperation, and clearly more space will bring more opportunities.

Leonel Alves (Member of the Executive Board)
Structurally, there are conditions for Macau to contribute to the deepening of relations between China and PLP, from an economic, financial and cultural point of view. We are facing a long-term journey that already has a foundation. There is a willingness on the part of the parties to continue this journey. I understand that this crisis will not affect these relations and, on the contrary, it may even help to consolidate and solidify those relations. We have seen since the beginning of the crisis what has been done, by China and Macao, in terms of humanitarian aid to these countries. This spirit of help prevails. Conclusion: this great objective, which is the platform that brings people, culture and entrepreneurs together, is a more achievable reality in the future.

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