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Moro resigns and Bolsonaro tries to reverse decision

Minister Sergio Moro (Justice) resigned Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday (23) when he was informed by the president of the decision to change the general directorate of the Federal Police, now occupied by Maurício Valeixo. Bolsonaro informed the minister, in a meeting, that the change in the PF should occur in the coming days. Moro then resigned from his post, and Bolsonaro is now trying to reverse the decision of the former federal judge.

Ministers Braga Netto (Casa Civil) and Luiz Eduardo Ramos (Government Secretariat) were scheduled to convince the minister to withdraw from the decision. If Valeixo leaves, Moro will leave along, according to the minister’s allies. Valeixo was chosen by Moro for the position. The current director-general is a trusted man of the former Lava Jato judge. Since last year, Bolsonaro has threatened to change the command of the PF. The president wants to have control over the police.

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