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The saga of the Saudi princess jailed for criticizing the regime

For years, Basmah bin Saut, daughter of the second king of Saudi Arabia, was seen as the rebel of the royal family, the one who dared to have a critical voice for the regime, a defender of women and the oppressed. As The New York Times tells us today, the princess always seemed to take her way, until March 2019, when she disappeared to an uncertain part.

This week, the mystery was solved by “reappearing” itself with a post on Twitter, which, meanwhile, has already been deleted. Basmah confirmed what many already suspected: she is being held in a Kingdom prison, by family orders, without any formal charges.

The princess left a poignant appeal in her post, which was withdrawn on Friday: “I was kidnapped without explanation with one of my daughters and thrown into prison. Free me that I did nothing wrong”. The plea for release is addressed to the king of Saudi Arabia and reinforced by the “urgent need for medical care” that the princess says she has.

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