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Domino effect

The beginning of the month was synonymous with promise. Allied to…

Fear of the hole

The fear returned. And this one paralyzes more than the risk…

“Macau needs to get back to normality”, like “bread for the mouth”

In an instant, the pandemic changed everyone’s lives. There…
José Pereira Coutinho
| Macau

Gaming industry must guarantee the social benefits of the population

With the recent amendment to the gaming law, especially with regard to…
Leong Sun Iok
| Macau

Inclusion of luso-descendants in the special contingency of higher education in Portugal

In the public higher education system of Portugal, for Portuguese…
Paulo Porto Fernandes
PS | Portugal
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Nansha is the new focus on cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

The State Council recently published the “Master Plan for Deepening Soft Cooperation Between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Nansha” (hereinafter Master Plan for Nansha”), where it is mentioned that this port city will be transformed into a strategic platform for the Area of the Greater Bay for collaboration with Hong Kong and Macau. According to People’s Daily, this decision follows on from the proposal for the creation of cooperation zones in Hengqin and Qianhai: “A major…

Facebook will change and become more like TikTok


Man who tried to kill Reagan on freedom 41 years later

The Day of Portugal as a matter for reflection

On June 10th, Portugal’s Day is celebrated and instead of the…
João Melo | Portugal

It's time to stop OTAN's eastward expansion

Despite the objections of Turkey and Croatia, it appears that Sweden…
Ma Xiaolin | Macau

There are white, black and yellow who are bad, very bad ...

The President of Angola had one of the most revolutionary statements…
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